E3 2013 Need for Speed Rivals Impressions


I finally got my hands on a DualShock 4 and raced down Redview County in a team of racers and cops in the upcoming Need for Speed Rivals. The goal? To get as many speed points as possible in just seven minutes. To accomplish this goal you must drive recklessly, performing stunts, challenging someone to a race, and taking down all opponents possible! My first impressions oh the game were good. I did however feel like the controls were a little slow to react; then again, this isn’t the final game. I’m sure they will fine tune it a bit more before release.

That being said, it was amazing as a racer to be in the new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and breaking more than a few driving laws. One thing to note, Ferrari has been non-existent in the NFS series for quite some time, so it’s nice to see them back in the game. The game itself looked extremely detailed in comparison to the last iteration (Need for Speed Most Wanted) and has a noticeable difference. The world was still similar to prior titles, with its highways, mountain hairpin turns, and redwood forest. Completely amerced with headphones, you can hear the V12 engine sing at every turn or straightway.

For the set up at the EA booth, you didn’t get any choices on cars or a menu system, Ghost Games simply wanted you to pick up the controller and be a racer or a cop. This seems like a good idea, but with five other players also not really knowing what to do or what was available, we all just became loose cannons. For this demo as a racer, you only got EMP blast or Turbo boost as your equipment. The EMP blast was similar as before; keep the line of sight for several seconds on your target, shoot the EMP, and disable your opponent temporarily. The turbo worked as advertised, as it blasts you away immediately in one direction.

One new feature was the way you challenge other players to a race. Similar to shooting an EMP, you simply find a rival in front of you, hit L1 to challenge them to a race, and the race begins if the challenge is acepted. Very simple and to the point, no waiting, no loading, just go! While I didn’t have too much time in front of the game, I can say that it looks better than ever. Playing in teams of racers and cops was fun, and I did get a red racing shirt out of it. I can’t wait to play the full game and to really see what AllDrive can really do.

Need for Speed Rivals comes out November 19 for PlayStation 3, XBOX 360, and PC. It will also be released for PlayStation 4 & XBOX ONE when the two new consoles launch in the holiday season.

I’ll leave you with a new game play trailer from E3, enjoy.


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