Telltale’s The Walking Dead headed to the PS Vita

600x-1There’s no doubt that the gaming world is still reeling from the absolutely embarrassing public beat down that Sony gave to Microsoft at their press conference. Sony talked a lot about the upcoming PlayStation 4, but made sure to not shun any other members of the Sony family. Like the PS Vita.

During the press conference, Sony announced that Telltale’s highly acclaimed title The Walking Dead would be making its way to the PS Vita. Not only will the new episode 400 Days be released on the handled console, but PS Vita owners will automatically get the First Season of The Walking Dead completely for free. Talk about a bargain.

No word yet when we can expect to see The Walking Dead  Season 2 to hit the PlayStation Network or the Xbox Marketplace, but more than likely fans can probably expect a fall release to coincide with the return of the show.

You can check out the first trailer in the video below and The Walking Dead 400 Days is scheduled to be released in July.

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