Tekken Revolution the first F2P fighter now for download


Free-to-play has been a growing practice for years for MMO games, but now two fighting game franchises are testing the waters and seeing if this method will work for fighting games.

Tekken Revolution is now available to download on the PlayStation Store, and best of all it’s completely free. The game is a 2GB download featuring 8 playable characters; Law, Paul, Asuka, Kazuya, Lars, Lili, King and Jack-6, and more to be bought later.

In Revolution you focus on coins and tickets. Arcade coins allow you to play the arcade battle and you earn 1 every 60 minutes. To play online you need battle coins which are replenished every 30 minutes. You can get premium coins and tickets which can be purchased 4 premium coins for 99 cents or 30 premium coins for $4.99, which earn you more goodies and experience faster.

Right off the bat you can start playing arcade mode, play ranked and player matches as long as you have the coins. No training mode, and vs. does require a coin but it’s great start as later you can buy more characters and just those you want.

Tekken Revolution is a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

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