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* Review contains SPOILERS*

So I have been seeing these reviews on Man of Steel that say it is only “OK” and “not the greatest” film. These are from websites that are about salons, financial times, and small city gazettes. Besides them, the reviews from nerd sites like *cough* Nerd Reactor *cough* have been giving it 8/10 or B grades and higher.  I, myself, have given it a bit of a better rating, and from a comic book fan’s perspective, let me tell you why.

Man of Steel is the story of blah blah, pretty sure everyone knows the plot of this movie since it’s plastered everywhere, but be careful because I am going to drop some spoilers. I am also going to discuss points from a nerd perspective, an average movie goer perspective, and a fanboy perspective.

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The opening scene was really one of the key parts to the movie – setting up the pace and plotline for the rest, and of course, Russell Crowe’s performance as Jor-El. Crowe did not disappoint. It was nice to see him acting again as bad ass like he did playing Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the armies of the North, General of the Felix Leg… You get the point – Gladiator. But what kind of bothered me is that his character was one of the greatest scientific minds of his planet and he kicked General Zod’s ass who was born and bred to be a military general, but that of course, is something that only comic book fans would get.

Kevin Costner’s role as Jonathan Kent was rather superb being the tough but stern father who truly loved his son – sacrificing his own life so that Clark would understand the importance of what he taught him. Diane Lane’s portrayal of Martha Kent was good, but her character was the stereotypical mom acting solely on emotion compared to the Martha Kent that I remembered – a strong and stern woman who served as a mother and father figure to Clark after the death of Jonathan Kent. Amy Adam’s Lois Lane connection with Henry Cavill was rather remarkable, but I do agree with my fellow writer’s review in that their relationship was really rushed.

Henry Cavill didn’t talk that much in the movie, but rather spoke only when he needed to, which reminded me more of Batman. Although, it was the unspoken parts that really made his role as Superman stand out. He didn’t play a boyscout demi-god but instead played a character who struggled to find the right mix of being human and Kryptonian. Sometimes he succumbed to his human emotions like anger and vengeance in the film and brought some good laughs. His facial expressions and yells of pain really let you know that this guy is a talented actor and can convey his point across without even saying it, I tip my hat to him. The ladies will love his 300-like body but I like that he wasn’t overly buff and gigantic but much more lean muscle like that of Superman Earth One.

The fighting scenes in the movie honestly put The Avengers to shame. Super speed, flight, heat vision, x-ray vision, and his strength were all portrayed in the movie, pretty much everything except for his freezing breath.  I really cant express how awesome the fighting and actions scenes were except to tell you that my jaw dropped multiple times throughout the film.

Man of Steel


The biggest problem I had with the movie was the Doomsday-like ending. He did have to cross his moral line to stop Zod (Michael Shannon) from killing innocent human bystanders.  By cross the line, I mean killing Zod by breaking his neck and dropping his body which was obviously something that harmed him psychologically more than anything.  Killing Doomsday is different since that was a mindless killing machine, this was a fellow Kryptonian who was once his biological fathers friend and ally. He did what he needed to stop a crazed man. This made me think about all Justice League universes when Superman killed/lobotomized someone, he turned pretty bad and had to be stopped, but I don’t think that is what is going to happen in this cinematic universe.

Overall, I definitely think this movie is going to make the average action movie goer happy. It’s going to make the average nerd VERY happy. And comic book fans will both love it and be a bit confused by it. My fellow writer and I had the chance to meet Kevin Smith (Silent Bob, Red State) after the film and we had a short exchange about the film. He is a huge comic book fan and even has his own reality show Comic Book Men. He asked me how I liked the movie and I did tell him I love it, he responded “It blew me away” and smiled. So if one of the biggest comic book dudes in the world enjoyed it, I guess everyone else will too.

Grade: A-

What do you guys think about the film, or potential for the film? Tell us!

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