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When people think of the future, visions of flying cars and hover boards crowd their brains. Maybe there will be colonies on Mars and our children will be taught by holograms. Regardless of what the future may hold, each of us has a visual inkling of how it should look. We know the future by visual cues in television, films and visual art and as a culture, these visual cues inform everything from architecture to fashion. So, for instance, when we see Ruby Rod saunter down the hallway of the Fhloston Paradise in The Fifth Element, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he operates in a vision of the future. Not only is he aboard a space ship, but his manner of dress is…not like our own.

Well future fashion isn’t just for the movies anymore. Right now designers are bringing the fantastic to designs in clothing. Have you ever wanted a real Rorshach mask or a dress that has spider legs, jump into your Ddelorean or police box and get ready for…FUTURE FASHION!

Dita Von Tease’s 3D Printed Couture:

Though I’m sure many of you have seen this by now, one great look certainly deserves another. Burlesque performer, Dita Von Teese premiered a new dress at the Ace Hotel in March, for a showcase featuring 3D products. The fact that Von Teese wore a dress isn’t the story, however. The story is that this dress was made entirely from a 3D printer and not only that, the dress is form fitting and has a fabric-like quality of movement. With 3D technology continuing to develop, it won’t be long before we may see more fashion distributed by vector plans than by clothing boutiques.


Rorshach’s Inkblot  Mask:

If you’re familiar with graphic novels, then you’re probably familiar with Alan Moore’s seminal work, Watchmen. This graphic novel (later adapted by Zack Snyder into film) featured a character named Rorschach, who sported an inkblot mask that perpetually changed with his mood. This visual feature worked very well in the comic and film, but in real life, cosplayers have previously had to resort to a stationary inkblot. Well now, the people at Rorschachmasks.com have created a mask that changed based on heat reacting ink. Now you can look like the real Rorschach at conventions, costume parties or while eating cold beans directly from the can.

Raincatch (Hyrdro Poncho):

Students at The Copenhagen Institute of Interaction and Design created this economical rain poncho that collects, purifies and stores water for later use. Rain catch certainly wouldn’t be practical for everyone, but the idea of using modern clothing as a canteen is brilliant one. Given the purification system in this hydro-poncho, the humans in Blade Runner may have had an easier time with the constant torrents of acid rain.

Spider Gown:

Apparently this dress was inspired by the video game LIMBO and it’s not hard to see the influence. This animatronic modified dress is the collaboration between Anouk Wipprecht (Designer) and Daniel Schatzmayer (Software Engineer) to create a performance based “wearable” that would respond to nearby stimuli. The spider can give off different character traits and appear to protect the wearer if others approach. I’m sure Dr. Otto Octavious would approve.


Intimacy dress:

I’ve thought about this very seriously and I can’t imagine what this dress would even be used for…sci-fi lingerie…I guess. Nevertheless the technology and effect of this dress is still quite impressive. Using ” opaque, smart e-foils”, the material of the dress can respond to your heartbeat and is meant to reflect your mood “based on close and personal encounters with people”. Developed by the same studio as the Spider Gown, the Intimacy Dress has gone through two iterations (Daan Roosegarde & Maartje Dijkstra designed version 1 and Anouk Wipprecht designed version 2). Studio Roosegarde is currently seeking designers for the INTIMACY 3.0 fashion line.

With pocket computers and the ability to share information at the push of a button, we’ve long been loping our way into the future, but if these fashion designs are any indication the world we live in may start looking like something conceived by Asimov or Phillip K. Dick. As long as I can look as cool as Rick Deckard, I’m happy.

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