Xbox One murdered, and other Xbox One jokes

jack tretton murdered the xbox one

Xbox One has been brutally beaten these past few weeks. I myself saw my Facebook feed light up with Xbox One memes and general Xbox One bash-fests. Let’s take a look at some of the goings-on, shall we?

Up above, if you hadn’t noticed it already, is a picture found on Destructoid. Someone thought it would be hilarious to alter the Jack Tretton Wikipedia page to include the following sentence: “Jack was charged with murder on June 10th 2013 for the brutal slaying of Microsoft’s Xbox One.”

Then there are these kinds of jokes:

Then Penny Arcade got in on the action…or didn’t get in on the action…whatever, Just read the comic.

People were found to be picking on other Kinect functions…
kinect gmail actions xbox one

Say, what happens when we compare the Xbox One with a rock? Internet, what say you?
xbox one versus a rock

With all of the bad news regarding Xbox One, you almost wish you could just erase it all from memory…
ps4 for erasing the memory of xbox one

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