E3 2013: EA teases fans with Star Wars Battlefront


As a Star Wars and Battlefront fan, I couldn’t be any happier. Since 2006, Battlefront III had been in production, but it never really got off the ground. There were even rumors that the game had been almost completed, but was never released due to lack of budget and resources. Nothing else relevant to Battlefront ever came through since then, until now. After Disney purchased LucasArts and decided to hand the Star Wars franchises over to EA, I was stoked to say the least.

Sure, a lot of people don’t like EA, but they are a development and publishing juggernaut. That move alone helped bring back hope for fans that we might see a Battlefront III game come to fruition. And then the gods answered our prayers. Who better to tackle Battlefront than the guys who know a thing or two about large-scale warfare, DICE. I’m definitely excited to say the least and can’t wait to see what they can do with the Star Wars franchise.

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