Doctor Who Rumor: BBC to announce the Doctor tomorrow

DoctorWhoWhoa! That was fast!

According to Starbust Magazine, their sources stated that the BBC will announce the new Doctor tomorrow. It has only been a week since Smith’s official announcement (although the BBC knew about it for months), and now we may have a new Doctor tomorrow.

There rumors are it is between three names: Domhall Gleeson, Daniel Kaluuya and Dominic Cooper.

Domhall Gleeson:

Domhnall Gleeson

A GINGER!!! We potentially have a ginger playing The Doctor. You may recognize him from Harry Potter as part of the Weasley family (of gingers). He played Bill Weasley.

Daniel Kaluuya:

Daniel Kaluuya

Whovians, you may recognize him. He was previously on a Doctor Who episode as Barclay in The Planet of the Dead. He was also in a bunch of UK TV series such as Skins, The Fades, etc. Could he be our first black Doctor?

Dominic Cooper:

dominic cooper

One of the famous names who actually has been in many mainstream Hollywood movies and was even Tony Stark’s father in Captain America. We know his musical ability in MamaMia! He is a name that is well known – which is a surprise because usually The Doctor is portrayed by lesser known actors.

Again, these are just rumors. Nothing has been confirmed. We will see tomorrow if we have a new Doctor.

When Matt Smith was announced to become the 11th Doctor, he was fairly unknown and was not even in the Bookies (Gambling) books. So let’s see tomorrow!

Source: Stardust

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