Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor? Part 2

Doctor Who

With the news of Smith’s departure from Doctor Who, many gambling agencies have been placing bets on who the new Doctor will be. Several names emerged out of no where for the iconic role as The Doctor.

We are adding more to our list of potential Doctors – please note: Some of these are wishlists, not confirmed.

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Ben Daniels

Ben Daniels Doctor Who


Recently set to be a fan favorite for the iconic role, Daniels has starred in Merlin and Law & Order: UK. Skybet, a gambling website, has given Ben Daniels the odds of 6/1 in favour of becoming the Doctor. He does have a mature look and has the acting chops. According to his IMDB, he has a list of shows he is currently on. Would he be able to leave and become The Doctor? I bet he would.

Probability: High. He could easily end his roles in the other television shows as he is not a principal character. He also has a good relationship with the BBC. Also, is it time for a more mature Doctor?

Chiwetel Ejiofor

chiwetel ejiofor Doctor Who

Ejofor is next on the betting odds with 7/1. Known for his role in Otello and American Gangster, Ejofor has been in serious roles and maybe it’s time for our first Black Doctor. But with Ejofor’s BBC drama Dancing on the Edge potentially being picked up for a second season, he may not be able to become The Doctor.

Probability: Medium. As the lead role in Dancing on the Edge, if the series were to be picked up, he would need to stay in the role.

Damien Molony

Damien Molony Doctor Who

UK’s Being Human star, Damien Molony, has the odds of 9/1 being picked as The Doctor.Honestly, he has the good looks that could draw MORE fangirls/boys into the Doctor Who series. But could that be a bad thing? Instead of focusing on the story, fans could focus on Molony’s good looks. He could act, but look at him. Wow. Cutie.

Probability: High. Being Human ended this past year. He has remained in London doing plays (at the Royal Court Theater), so he would have the time and energy portraying The Doctor.

Rory Kinnear

Rory Kinnear Doctor Who

It may be time for another Shakespearean actor. Kinnear has been in countless plays in London and in movies – such as Quantum of Solace and Skyfall. Doesn’t this remind you of someone? Yes… the 9th Doctor’s Christopher Eccleston (Shakespearean actor, action films, lack of hair in their roles, a serious look to them). Maybe it’s time for another soldier to be The Doctor.

Probability: High. He is currently finishing his set in Othello at the National Theater… he has the time and energy as well. Nothing preventing him from portraying The Doctor.

Ben Whishaw

Ben Whishaw Doctor Who

If you’d like to continue the trend of a quirky, adorable Doctor – this guy is your man. He was genius cutie Q in Skyfall and will continue in 2016’s Bond 24. He has the appeal to become the Next Doctor – drawing fangirls/fanboys in. Could he be our next Doctor? Odds are currently 14/1.

Probability: Medium. He is currently working on several films and being Q is going to take up a lot of his time. Did I mention – he’s also in multiple plays?

David Harewood

David Harewood Doctor Who

David Harewood is known for his serious roles – Homeland, Blood Diamond, and also in Doctor Who’s The End of Time. Harewood has a sexy appeal to him but would that go well as The Doctor?

Probability: Medium. Harewood has a lot of films currently going on. It could all finish by the time they would need The Doctor, but by the looks of it – that’s a lot of films.

Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott Doctor Who

A BBC star – James Moriarty in Sherlock – Andrew Scott can act. He could be crazy, he could be sexy, he could be hilarious, etc. He could also haunt your dreams. Is that what you want in a Doctor? Perhaps. With his acting chops and previously working with Moffat, he could transform The Doctor into anyone and anything Moffat wants. That’s pretty scary.

Probability: Low. We don’t really know if we’ll see “Moriarty” back on Sherlock. We don’t know anything about the Sherlock storyline but it’d be difficult to cast him as “The Doctor”. I doubt that Moffat would want to mix the two franchises – due to confusing everyone. It’s better to leave the two separate.

Olivia Colman

Portrait of actor Olivia Colman

Having worked with the 10th Doctor, David Tennant, on BBC’s drama Broadchurch, Colman may have picked up a thing or two about being a Timelord… okay, probably not. But we know she has the acting chops to fill the Doctor’s shoes. She has the comedy aspect (British sitcom Peep Show) and the serious thing going (Broadchurch). She is a favorite among the women with 14/1.

Probability: Low. She just started a new television show – Mr. Sloane – and has a bunch of projects lined up. Unless she is Super Woman, it seems unlikely she has the time.

Patterson Joseph

Patterson Joseph Doctor Who

You may remember him from Bad Wolf/The Parting Ways as the jerk on the reality show “You are the Weakest Link” with robot Anne Robinson. Well, he was previously a favour to become the 11th Doctor and now again for the 12th Doctor. He has been part of the BBC family for awhile and dealt with Daleks before – so why not keep it in the Who family?

Probability: Low. He’s currently starring in Law & Order UK. I mean, they could kill off his character but he just signed on.

James Frain

james frain doctor who

Creepiest.Doctor.Ever. I don’t know how to feel about this actor. He scares the beejeebeez out of me. I’ve seen him on True Blood and Grimm. I’m good. He has the odds of 12/1. As the Doctor… ehh… this is a kid’s show, right? No offense, but his acting is so good, it scares me.

Probability: Medium. He is working on some television shows, but is not the principal character. He could easily leave those shows and become The Doctor.v

Alexander Vlahos

Alexander Vlahos Doctor Who

Another cute face for Doctor Who? He’s adorable! I guess if we want to continue the show with another cute face, we could choose him. I have not seen much of his work, but he was in Merlin and the BBC drama Crash. Moffat could pick a not-so-famous guy like Vlahos – like Smith. He has BBC experience on Doctor Who – he provided a voice on the video game – Doctor Who: The Adventure Games – The Gunpowder Plot.

Probability: High. His mini-series Privates recently ended… could be a sign for The Doctor?

Christian Cooke

christian cooke doctor who

No. Nope. No. No way. This guy is too good looking. He would attract too much attention on the series. He… just no. Do you know how many fangirls/boys you’ll have coming onto this show and how annoying they would be regarding his good looks?! He may be a good actor, but man – the baby face, the sexy body… no. Just… no.

Probability: Low. He is currently starring in Starz’s Magic City. Good. Keep your good looks there.

Richard Armitage

Richard Armitage Doctor Who

Okay, another stunner but he is older and his acting chops are legit (The Hobbit trilogy). He could probably make himself look more rugged as well like in The Hobbit. So we don’t need to stare at his sexy features. Could we have a serious Bond-like Doctor? Probably not.

Probability: Low. He’ll be working on promoting the Hobbit series. He probably won’t have time for the 24/7 job as The Doctor.

Colin Morgan

Colin Morgan Doctor Who

He was the annoying teenager in the Who episode Midnight. Maybe it’s time for him to return as The Doctor? He has proven himself in the acting community with his lead role in Merlin and his roles in theater.

Probability: Low. He’s not interested. He has previously made comments stating his disinterest in portraying the Doctor.

Hugh Laurie

hugh laurie doctor who

I’ve been getting a lot of people telling me HUGH LAURIE. Yes, I know he’s an amazing actor. Yes, it would be awesome. Yes, he is just seriously the ideal Doctor. But people tend to forget, this guy is a Hollywood star and British legend. He is constantly wanted for movie and television roles. As the Doctor, he would need to really limit his other roles. But he would be an epic Doctor.

Probability: Low. He’s a busy and expensive man.

Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren Doctor Who

She has expressed she would like to play The Doctor. Her acting is stellar. She’s a living icon and legend. Could she be the next Doctor?!?! She would be f***ing amazing, but she is pretty expensive and in high demand in Hollywood. But maybe she’ll want to try it out.

Probability: Low. Like Laurie, BBC cannot afford her.


With the Christmas episode quickly approaching, the next Doctor should be chosen by the time they begin filming for the episode – in the fall. Moffat and his team have selected several potentials – it’s now just time for them to pick one and sign the deal. There have been many speculation that they will choose a big name – but it you look at the previous Doctors – all have been not as well known as ones people have been suggesting. But who knows with Moffat?!

We’ll report more as we get more news!

Doctor Who returns on November 23rd, 2013 on BBC One/America.

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WHO do you want?!?!

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