Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor?


So with the Eleventh Doctor now regenerating at the end of this year, who will be the Twelfth Doctor?

Fans have poured their hearts out for these actors to portray The Doctor. BBC has not started casting for the next Doctor especially since they just announced Smith’s departure from the show.

People have been creating wishlists and creating petitions for the next Doctor.

Here are to name a few:

Simon Pegg

simon pegg Doctor Who

Pegg has been in a Doctor Who episode already in The Long Game as The Director – the villain who helped an alien control the humans by means of the media. But that hasn’t stopped others from becoming compaions and even The Doctor himself (Colin Baker was a minor part in an episode prior to becoming The Doctor).

Probability: Nope. Not going to happen. Pegg is working on movies and his schedule just won’t fit playing The Doctor.

Helen Bonham Carter

helen bonham carter doctor who

Fans have been cheering for a female Doctor and felt Carter would portray the Doctor perfectly. With her witty personality and quirky charm, Carter would be an amazing Timelord.

Probability: Nope. Like Pegg, Carter would not be able to fit portraying The Doctor due to time constraints.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch

He’s perfect… let me count the ways: looks, acting, quirky behavior, the voice, he’s already part of the BBC family, lovable, and those eyes.

Probability: Not a chance. Cumberbatch is busy with BBC’s Sherlock and his many upcoming appearances. He was asked to audition for the 10th Doctor but decided against it due to his friendship with David Tennant and instead became Sherlock Holmes.

Idris Elba

idris elba doctor who

Known to be a serious actor, Idris Elba could transform the Doctor into a true bada**. Plus, maybe we could see some hilarity from the dramatic actor and that would make it even more funny.

Probability: Low. This will not fit in his schedule of amazing projects – including BBC’s Luther and his many films.

Lara Pulver

lara pulver doctor who

If not Sherlock, why not BBC Sherlock’s Irene Adler? Lara Pulver is another female fan favorite to portray the 12th Doctor. She is witty, cunning, brilliant actress and absolutely stunning. She played a brilliant thief in Sherlock, why not a brilliant Timelord?

Probability: Low. Pulver has stated she is not keen on playing The Doctor if fans will not accept a female Doctor – and she may be right for now.

Rupert Grint

rupertgrint doctor who

Will the Doctor FINALLY be a ginger?!?! Several fans have been wanting the Harry Potter star to portray The Doctor and even created a Facebook pages: Rupert Grint for the Next Doctor Who, Rupert Grint as Doctor Who, and Rupert Grint the 12th Doctor. I guess the wand was a good audition for the sonic screwdriver use.

Probability: Medium. With his fame as Ron Weasley in Harry Potter, it may be difficult for him to become The Doctor. The role of The Doctor typically goes to lesser known (but still amazing) actors. Who knows? Moffat may decide to finally make the Doctor a ginger and choose one who has been part of the fantasy world.

Henry Ian Cusick

henry ian cusick doctor who

Known for his role as Desmond in ABC’s LOST, Henry Ian Cusick is a fan favorite for the role of The Doctor. He is known to play more serious parts, so could he play a little goofy? Possibly. He does have a Facebook fan page: Henry Ian Cusick for the next Doctor.

Probability: Low. He was just cast in a new Fall show called, “The 100”.


James McAvoy

James McAvoy Doctor Who

He’s cute, funny, serious, Scottish, and has played Professor Xavier! Why not?! He would be a great Doctor.

Probability: Low. With his busy schedule, playing the Doctor would not be possible.


James or Oliver Phelps

james oliver phelps doctor who

Other possible gingers – well, they aren’t really gingers, just in Harry Potter… but still! We KNOW them as gingers! Plus, if one is sick – the other could come take over! Plus, if the Doctor needs to split into two again, this would be the perfect scenario!!! They are not as big of a name as Rupert Grint and honestly, without their orange hair, I would not had recognized them.

Probability: Medium. You could get two for the price of one!


Michael Sheen

michael sheen doctor who

Possibly one of my favorites! Michael Sheen can do it all – he could appear evil (like an Oncoming Storm), he could be extremely silly and hilarious, and he could just be brilliant like he does in everything he does. He’s an underrated actor and maybe Moffat could see what we all see – brilliance.

He was also in a Doctor Who episode The Doctor’s Wife as House – just his voice really.

Probability: Low. He has tons of gigs (including Showtime’s Masters of Sex) lined up and will be too busy to portray the Doctor. Unless… Moffat convinces him somehow!


David Morissey


He WAS the fake “Doctor” in the Doctor Who episode The Next Doctor. He has the acting chops and experience with a “sonic screwdriver.” Why not just make him the real Doctor?

Probability: Low. With the success of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Morissey isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


Laurence Fox

laurence fox doctor who

Many people know Laurence Fox as DS James Hathaway in the British series Inspector Lewis. Many people also know him as Billie Piper’s (Rose Tyler) husband. Either way, he has been mentioned by fans as a potential Doctor. Keep it in the Who family! I’m not sure how to feel because he seems very serious. Maybe it’s time for a serious Doctor?

Probability: Low. With him and Billie Piper set to move to the US next year, it seems very unlikely he would become The Doctor.


Harry Lloyd

harry lloyd doctor who

You may have recognized him in a two-part episode of Doctor Who portraying a part of the alien “Family of Blood” wanting the Doctor’s energy in Human Nature and The Family of Blood. His performance in that episode caught the attention of past Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies. But we know, it’s Moffat and his team to decide.

Probability: Medium. He was a favorite previously and he isn’t a famous actor – which BBC tends to prefer.


David Walliams

David Walliams doctor who

Known for his comedic roles, David Walliams has worked with the Doctor Who team prior to the Doctor Who reboot in Doctor Who parodies with DW writer/producer Mark Gatiss. He also is a Doctor Who enthusiast and appeared as Gibbis in Doctor Who’s The God Complex. He could bring a little comedy to The Doctor.

Probability: Low. Did I mention he’s also a host, actor and children’s author? He’s in a series of shows and really… time won’t permit it.


Michael Heap

Michael Heap Doctor Who

This guy could be ANYONE. He is a really great character actor who could pull of any look and personality. Could he become the next Doctor because he could basically create the Doctor to whoever he wants (or whatever Moffat wants). He could pull it off. I’ve seen him in multiple films and thought, “is that the same guy?!”

Probability: Low. He has not worked with any of the Doctor Who team previously and honestly has been mentioned by a small number of fans.


Russell Tovey

russell tovey doctor who

Another favorite of Davies, Tovey was asked to audition for the role of The Doctor, but he felt he was not ready yet. Maybe it’s about time? If Davies saw some potential in this actor, why not? And honestly, his ears would make him really memorable. They’re adorable!

Probability: Medium. He already has shows in process, but I think if he had the opportunity to become The Doctor, he should – especially with Davies endorsement.

Doctor Who

There are plenty of more actors/actresses on the list of potential 12th Doctors.

What are your thoughts? Choices? WHO would you like to see as the Doctor?

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