Film vs. Reality: Sword Battles!

Imagine this for a moment… Your eyes are blurry; the smell of sweat mixed with blood fills your nostrils. The gash on top of your left eyebrow is starting to

Awkward Conversations #49 – What a Man, What a Mighty Fine Man of Steel!

Download l Previous Episodes Join the Awkward Gang, Taylor Nida, Dan Koelsch and Jay Spencer as we discuss Superman, Man of Steel, and the future of the DC Cinematic Universe!

Awkward Conversations #48 – Trivial Pursuit Up!

Download l Previous Episodes In this episode, host Nathan The Singularity and the Awkward gang play a deadly game of trivia with owner of King Trivia, Josh Lieberthal, and fellow

Unmasked Harley Quinn Kotobukiya bishoujo statue is an exclusive at SDCC 2013

Alright you Harley Quinn fans out there, Kotobukiya will be having an exclusive unmasked Harley Quinn bishoujo statue at San Diego Comic-Con 2013. If you want this, just visit Kotobukiya

Official The Wolverine Twitter tweets more photos!

With the release of The Wolverine coming out in a month, the Official The Wolverine film Twitter account has been posting “The Cost of Immortality” quotes, photos from the film

Captain America: The Winter Soldier set photos

  Robert Redford was seen on the set of Captain America: The Winter Soldier recently to film his part -as SHIELD leader, Alexander Pierce. Pierce graduated from SHIELD Academy in

Will Atlus be up for sale? Parent company Index Corp in dire straits

The business of video games has been booming in recent years. However, with increasing costs of development and more competition than can be sustained, more than a few studios have

Batman vs. Deadpool live-action fan film – Let the fan wars begin!

Bat in the Sun has created another Batman vs. (fill in the blank) live-action fan film. This time he’s up against the “Merc with a Mouth”, Deadpool. Deadpool has a

Sir Ian McKellen finishes his last scene as Gandalf

It’s finally completed. The last and final scene from The Hobbit trilogy that stars Sir Ian McKellen as Gandalf has finally come to a close. It has been 14 years

Thank you latex for this Mass Effect EDI cosplay

Latex is a wondrous thing. Not only is it useful in protecting yourself against cooties, it’s also great for cosplay. The guys over at Anatomic Latex have created a bunch

Adult Swim’s Cosplay Contest at San Diego Comic-Con!

So you’re pretty good with making costumes, right? Well someone’s calling you out! And that someone is Adult Swim. This year at Comic-Con in San Diego, Adult Swim teamed up

Doctor Who 50th: Fake teaser trailer is out and is pretty epic – and in 3D!

This fake trailer for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary has been circulating and convincing people it’s the real deal. It’s not. But it looks pretty legit. We have no idea

Nerd Reactor’s coverage of the 39th Annual Saturn Awards

By Laura Sirikul and Holly Amos We were excited to get the opportunity to attend The 39th Annual Saturn Awards last night, which celebrates accomplishments in the areas of science

Video Games Live concert adding 30+ shows worldwide

When playing a video game, nothing helps increase the experience like a good soundtrack. Whether it’s your favorite RPG or action titles, a good score will help keep you interested

UFC’s Arianny Celeste seduces Darth Vader as Princess Leia

If you’re a fan of Arianny Celeste (UFC ring girl), hot babes, and Star Wars, then this video was made just for you. In this latest Star Wars parody, Arianny

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg say Uncharted would be too much like Indiana Jones

Both Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg revealed that they have been asked by Naughty Dog to write a script for the Uncharted live-action film. In an interview with IGN on

Japanese rice paddy art including Naruto

Being born in a country that had many rice paddies and being a consumer of various types of rice, I never thought that this could be the next wave of

Review of The Smithsonian Channel’s The Real Story: Star Trek

Star Trek is by far my most beloved fandom. With an almost 50-year history, I learn something new about it daily and I’m always happy to watch a documentary on

Metal Gear Solid The Legacy Collection gets a trailer

Here’s the trailer for Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection that was shown exclusively at Konami’s E3 booth. The game will be out on July 9, 2013, in North America.

Yes, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is getting an extended edition

Peter Jackson has revealed that there will be an extended cut for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Expect the extended edition to come out a month before The Hobbit: The