RoboCop and ED-209 get the Hot Toys treatment

RoboCop Hot Toys ED-209 - 0a>

Hot Toys has just announced two really cool RoboCop action figures. Not only will we be getting an authentic and realistic-looking RoboCop, but we’ll also be getting his robot rival, ED-209.

RoboCop is fully die-cast and stands at 30cm (11.81 inches) tall. The 1/6th figure has swappable battle-damage parts, including the cracked visor with visible eyes. He also comes with built-in sound effects. I hope he can also spit out quotes from the movie like, “Dead or alive, you’re coming with me.”

RoboCop Hot Toys - 02

ED-209 is one tough robot. RoboCop had a tough time trying to defeat this mechanical beast.

RoboCop Hot Toys ED-209 - 4

Check out the full gallery below.

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Source: Hot Toys via Plastic Ronins

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