‘Who Will Be the Voice of Snake?’ gets a teaser video


The gaming world is watching carefully as E3 is coming. Konami has a special “Pre E3 Show 2013” event on June 6th at 10am PST. One of the biggest announcements isn’t a new game, but the reveal of Snake’s voice actor for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain game. The event will air live on GameSpot.com and on the GameSpot app on Xbox LIVE. In the meantime, check out the teaser video below (yes, we’re getting a teaser about a voice actor’s reveal).

Here’s hoping that Hideo Kojima and David Hayter are trolling us hard about how Hayter isn’t going to voice Snake. I mean, why put so much hype into this reveal? Is there really a point for Hayter to not say he’s going to be in it, and then reveal that he is? (That is if he really isn’t going to be in it). This reminds me of the Kevin Conroy as Batman confusion all over again.

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