Pacific Rim Media Blowout: Featurettes and Loads of New Photos


Pacific Rim, one of my most anticipated films this year, is ready to be unleashed in just six short weeks. Until then for the past couple of days, we’ve been treated to a plethora of new media for us to whet our whistle until July 12th. First up is a featurette discussing the “drift” — the process of connecting the consciousness of the two Jaeger pilots in order to pilot the Jaegers. It’s interesting to see the process behind piloting a Jaeger and the connection between the two pilots, especially when connecting consciousness means that you know everything about your co-pilot.

The next featurette talks about the construction of the Jaeger cockpit in order to simulate the feel of piloting a Jaeger. Everything was built and very few things were CGI in the cockpit, which is just amazing to watch.

Lastly, Variety has released some new stills, behind-the-scenes photos, and concept art for the film. It’s very clear that Del Toro is a fan of anime just by looking at the footage and concept art, and he even said it himself that he’s been dreaming about this movie since he was a child. So just like Del Toro, I cannot wait to see giant robots and giant monsters battle it out.

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Pacific Rim destroys theaters July 12th.

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