Is fundraising a cosplay outfit wrong?

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So Liz Katz recently had an Indiegogo fundraiser that passed its goal of $650. It has now reached over $4,000. What she wanted to do with the money was to create a sexy Princess Peach costume for a Mario-themed photoshoot. She also needs a sewing machine, camera lenses, and outdoor lighting. This has gotten the cosplay community in an uproar, saying that people shouldn’t be asking for money to create cosplay outfits. One cosplayer, Kearstin Nicholson, has shown her dislike for the fundraiser.

I’m a cosplayer who knows what it’s like to create an outfit with their own money. I also understand the nature of these fundraising sites. So my views on the subject matter aren’t that strong. However, two of our guys have two very different opinions on the matter.

David Hoang is okay with Liz Katz using fundraising sites for her cosplaying goals. Hoang has used fundraising sites before to help fund his Marvel vs. Capcom project. The fundraiser was a success, and now he can use that money to build better outfits. Alexander Brooks is a cosplayer who specializes in leather work. He disagrees with Hoang because he thinks Liz Katz’s fundraiser is tasteless and wrong.

(Explicit language below. Conversations used with permission)

David Hoang: It’s sad when people can’t appreciate other people’s success….

John Spartan Nguyen: Not all successes should be praised.

Alexander Brooks: I’m really lost here. That or I’m going numb to the scenario for sanity. Did this girl say she needed a bunch of money to get the items laying on the floor there… Just cause? And people did it?

David Hoang: Lol. Yeah, she needed money to do a photoshoot, and she received more than needed and people got pissed. People can’t get upset when your fanbase gives you more than what you asked. Now she has to make sure it’s a topnotch photoshoot

Alexander Brooks: Uh

David Hoang: Like I raised almost double my goal for my movie. Now I can do better than intended.

Alexander Brooks: Costume is one hell of a stretch of a word for what shes got on the floor.

David Hoang Also I agree on not all success should be praised. Hitler United Germany got them out of depression (success) started a war (fail). Now if Liz raised money (success) blows it on drugs alchy (fail) then yeah. But she bought like a sewing machine and camera to help improve everything she was raising money for future stuff. I see nothing wrong with it.

Alexander Brooks 😐

David Hoang It’s like people making costumes for cheap and commissioning them. Or people selling prints. It’s all for profit…..

Alexander Brooks Actually yeah wow. Sorry man, but that’s pathetic.

David Hoang I know 80% of “cosplayers” who have shit built from other people and “model” then dog on others for not being “real cosplayers”

Alexander Brooks You work your ass off in 5+ jobs, this chick is saying she needs hand outs because she batted an eyelash. Last time I checked the great majority of our society is struggling. It’s an economic depression get the fuck up and go work. That being said, this is America. Taking advantage of stupidity is literally the way it’s done here. So.. Props..?

David Hoang Yea but if the source is there why not use it? She is using the funds for intended purpose. She is also rewarding people for their donation. In reality she doesn’t have to honor those rewards because in the end it’s a donation. It’s like cosplayers who sell prints for money. But in this situation you get the prints after.

Alexander Brooks It’s the delivery. “She needs”… ***** wants.*

(Links to Gold Digger song by Kanye.)

David Hoang It’s like people gettin mad at people in video games for being “cheap”…or “camping.” If it’s there use it; everyone else can.

Alexander Brooks It’s not what she’s doing that bothers me, its HOW. She tried to curve ball it like she’s about to drop school and go into seamstress classes to learn how to make something. Chick is wearing a napkin in 99% of her pictures. How much cash could she need for cloth?

David Hoang Like I said like gaming. Oh he’s beating me but he’s using cheap tactics he sucks for doing it….

Yes but he also used the extra cash to get new shit for her passion in cosplaying.

Alexander Brooks No correlation, everyone has the same tools in gaming.

David Hoang Like for instance if I raised money for a movie and bought a new computer, you can hate me because I need the new computer to make the movie…. That’s what Indiegogo and kickstarter are for. It’s for everyone.

Alexander Brooks Grab a 300lb girl and put a fundraiser up for her to lose weight to save her from an early death from high cholesterol. Tell me how that pans out.

David Hoang If it was someone with a loyal fanbase it would happen. If Jessica alba got far and went broke and needed money to lose weight, it would work. It’s like Brittany Spears; everyone wanted her to fail and she nearly did, but she came back and kicked ass because of her fan base.

“Don’t hate the player hate the game.”

I personally know what it’s like to get hate. I’ve done multiple contests and out produced my vids and put more effort than others. I would get comments of people just bashing my work, saying I’m cheating. I’m a pro. I hired people. It’s called effort. You can do it or don’t.

Alexander Brooks BINGO

David Hoang It’s like Celeste winning King of the Nerds. People hate her, but it’s not her fault . If I get on the show and win, I’m likely to receive the same hate. I actually enjoy haters. I feed off them. You aren’t doing it right until you get haters.

Alexander Brooks Effort. You work for it. This chick has her top down and hand out. If you think that’s a respectable effort you’re as funny as she is. She bought a top from Walmart and said “a sewing machine is on the way.” That what people are mad about. No one cares that she made a donation page. They’re mad she lied. It’s like if you go on the show and manage to win, and people found out how you got there was bullshit and their votes went to waste. Watch how loyal and loved you are by your supporters after that.

David Hoang Yea a sewing machine. Which in turned can be used for sewing….for costumes…. Now if it was a new purse or something stupid, then yeah.

Alexander Brooks This chick just made herself out to be a fool and everyone’s getting a kick out of it. She did the world a favor showing her colors.

David Hoang She didn’t lie. She is doing what the fundraiser was intended to do. She just got more money than expected. Please explain what the lie was

Alexander Brooks The donation was for Peach. She got Peach at Walmart.

David Hoang Also I don’t think it’s fair to judge the costume until after we see the final product. She asked for what like $600. If it doesn’t look like a $600 photoshoot then hate away

Alexander Brooks Next thing you’ll tell me is that you are down with people riding welfare checks and foodstamps when they can work.

David Hoang But she still has to pay the photographer, the prints and everything involved with the project.

Alexander Brooks DOES IT LOOK like she has trouble getting a photographer, lol. This chick is swimming in portraits.

David Hoang Yea but now she can pay them

[Editor’s note: I had to cut the conversation short, since it was still going on. We’ll have a video debate soon]

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