Classic game Shadow Warrior now free on Steam

ss_efb5cdb6d0a690dfbdc3bee4b9bf9cb4c791d626.1920x1080If you’re a fan of classic FPS games that poke fun at bad martial arts flicks, Devolver Digital has granted your grandest desires. After a promotional effort on the Facebooks went awry on account of people finding exploits for the offered game codes, the publisher apparently just said screw it and made the classic FPS title Shadow Warrior¬†freely available for everyone.

Shadow Warrior is the 1997 FPS game that was made by the same developers responsible for Duke Nukem 3D, and it shares the same engine with its predecessor. The game pushed it the engine its limits, offering crazy action, controllable vehicles, fully destructible environments, and a healthy dose of kung-fu movie hilarity. The game is also getting a full blown remake from developer Flying Wild Hog that makes it less of a parody and more of a legit action-oriented title. The Shadow Warrior remake is due out this Fall.

The classic game, however, is available now via Steam, though keep in mind that this is only for the base package. If you want the game, as well as the two expansion packs, then you’ll need to get the complete edition that’s available on for $6. Still, if you missed out on this hidden piece of gaming history, then the Steam version is a great place to get your katana arm warmed up on.

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