Snake’s voice to be revealed soon

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Konami posted on their Facebook that they would be revealing the voice actor for the new Metal Gear Solid game. They will debut the voice of Snake on Thursday June 6 19:00 CEST as a Pre-E3 showing. It will be then the world will find out if it was all a ruse or if Kojima/Konami really intends to use a different voice actor.

As many of you know, David Hayter sent out a tweet saying he was not part of the game. He later released a farewell statement saying that he was not part of the Metal Gear Solid V project. And was told he was “not needed” for the game. If you haven’t seen that statement, you can check it out here.

And when fans heard that he was not part of the game they took to the internet and started to make a petition to get him back in the game. The number of signatures is currently at 19,256. So it seems like they are in full force to make sure that David Hayter stays as Snake’s voice actor. To sign the petition you can go here.

In my opinion, I would say his voice is the second most recognizable in the video game world, second only to Mario. He is Snake and always will be. I think this will all be a ruse to rile up the fans by Kojima, Konami, and Hayter. But if it is a different actor then I have no quarrels with it either. It is Kojima’s child and he can do as he pleases.

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