President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios tweets about DRM


Picture from NeoGaf forums.

For the past couple days it seems that people have been tweeting/campaigning, #PS4NoDRM, in regards to the PS4’s stance on DRM (Digital Rights Management) and always-on connectivity. When an employee from Sony saw that they tweeted back in response. The tweets answer very little about the concerns about DRM, but take a look for yourselves.

And just recently Shuhei Yoshida, the President of Sony’s Worldwide Studio’s, tweeted about the DRM issues people have brought up. Here’s his tweet:


The link he attached is a link to an article that talks about Death Ray Manta, which is coming to the PS Vita as he noted. I’m glad to see that they can poke fun at this issue but I do hope they do not have any type of DRM and always-on connectivity. We’ll see on what happens at E3.

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