Need for Speed Rivals! And Ferrari joins the list

NFS: Rivals (Ferrari F12 Berlinetta)Have you beaten everyone in your most wanted list? Have you blasted past every speed camera and destroyed every billboard in site? Have your mastered every road in NFS: Most Wanted? Then maybe it’s time to get excited about the new Need for Speed game, Need for Speed Rivals. This next game is not being developed just by racing fanatics Criterion, but this time around Criterion has joined forces with Ghost Gamer to bring Need for Speed Rivals to current gen, next gen consoles, and PC!

While the game will share the same size world and similar game play, next gen consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will have more features available. Much hasn’t been said as of right now, other than that the next gen versions will have a bigger friends list and better graphics.

NFS: Rivals

The big feature this time around for Need for Speed will be “AllDrive”. This new features will “destroy the line between playing alone and playing with friends.” said Marcus Nilsson, Ghost Games executive producer. AllDrive will allow players to not just join a friend’s current race on the fly, but the game will be able to switch from single player objectives to co-op objectives.

While I’ve played just about every NFS game that has come out, the last few games have just had too much clutter. A racing game should be about fast cars and even faster races, not using some plot line taken from a summer movie. That’s why I’ve been happy that Criterion took over the Need For Speed franchise and has made the game about racing again. Hopefully I’ll get more detail about Rivals and AllDrive next month at E3!

nfs f12

Now, if you know anything about Need for Speed, you probably did a double take on the picture above. Need for Speed has been great at having some of the best looking exotic cars around. However, in the last few games one of the well known auto car companies has always been missing; Ferrari! But as you can see from the picture above (and a teaser video at the end), that’s a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta with a NEED4SPD plate burning up the new streets of Redview County. Let’s hope we can also see a LaFerrari in the game as well.

For now, we only know that the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC version should release November 19. The PS4 and Xbox One versions are set to release “later this year.”

Source: Joystiq

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