World of Warcraft Patch 5.3: ‘Escalation’


This also could’ve been called Patch 5.3: “S#[email protected] Just Got Real”

Some of you may be asking “This game’s still around?”. Yes. Yes it is.

And you know what? It’s still fun! Here’s the funny bit though, you know how it costs $15 a month to play this? Well, considering a lot of DLC for games today costs about that much, I say you at least get your moneys worth with this.

Here’s the story so far: Garrosh Hellscream, leader of the Horde since Cataclysm, has gone full retard. Not only has he managed to piss off just about every other faction on the planet including the Shado-Pan (ninja pandas), he’s also stolen several magical artifacts and has been abducting a lot of people and experimenting on them in underground facilities. All in the name of making super-weapons to dominate the planet. Tired of being kicked around (not to mention back-stabbed and poisoned) and watching Garrosh go supremacist on everyone, Vol’jin (leader of the trolls) has decided to lead the open rebellion against Garrosh with the help of the other races.

This patch is basically the eye of the storm, building up for what’s to come in the next patch of content, including a new “Legendary” quest that rewards you with an extremely high level cloak. Speaking of building up, the experience required for you to get from level 85 to 90 has been lowered by 33%, so if you were hesitant to level up an alternate character you had that’s been collecting dust, it should give you a little motivation. And even though a new dungeon wasn’t added, there’s a ton of content that was added like new Achievements, Upgrades “Pokemon” Pets and Scenarios, which are like dungeons except you only need about 3 people and can reward better stuff if you complete the heroic versions.

So if you’re feeling the itch to return to Azeroth and see what all the fuss is about, now’s a good time, especially if you compare this to other DLC’s that cost about $15 and can’t even last a month.

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