The Last of Us season pass includes single-player DLC


The Last of Us is almost upon us. Though we don’t even yet know anything about its multiplayer modes, Naughty Dog has let out the details of their DLC plan for the game.

There are three pieces of DLC planned, one being a single-player story. The other two DLC packs are focused on the multiplayer mode, including some maps. With so much focus thus far being on the single player side of things, it’ll be interesting to find out what Naughty Dog is doing with that portion of the DLC.

All three DLC packs will be available for purchase as a season pass for $20, giving purchasers a total savings of 30%.

Those who purchase the season pass will also receive the following bonuses: Increased Crafting Speed, Increased Healing Speed, 9mm, Reload Speed Upgrade, Rifle Clip Capacity Upgrade.

An exclusive 90-minute making-of video will also be included.

The season pass will be available on launch day.

Seeing as how the game’s not out yet and you’re still interested, how about checking out our interviews with Neil Druckmann and Faith Erin Hicks?

source: VG247

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