PDP/Afterglow Press Tour


Performance Designed Products is the manufacturer of the Afterglow line of headsets and controllers, gave us a tour on some accessories that are coming out this year.

First up was the new line of Smartphone cases featuring the old school Mario and Luigi looks from the NES days, as well as some icons from Disney like Mickey and Minnie and even some Marvel icons like the Spider-Venom and Captain America’s shield.

Of course it's all about Bullet Bill.

Of course it’s all about Bullet Bill.

Next was the new line of portable battery chargers from Energizer. This is honestly one of the most useful products to come out in a long time, as it is able to charge any USB charged device like a Smartphone at any given time while you’re away from home. A good example of when and where this can be used is if you’re at a place like Six Flags Magic Mountain or Disneyland and you’re waiting forever in line. Just have your phone plugged into your battery and be entertained while you wait.

Pocket sized and portable. Seriously it's like it prints money.

Pocket sized and portable. Seriously it’s like it prints money.

Last but certainly not least was their prismatic wireless gaming headsets. Hi-Def sound, long lasting battery and the fact that you can use it for EVERY system including the Wii U and your smartphone, this is┬ádefinitely a versatile headset that’s worth every penny.


So I like the default blue, deal with it!

PDP also has a lot of new tech and accessories coming to E3, so stay tuned!

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