Fire Emblem: Awakening could have been the last game in the series


Fire Emblem: Awakening could have been the final game in the series due to declining sales of previous Fire Emblem titles. In a recent interview with Spanish magazine Hobby Consolas, Intelligent Systems (who has been in charge of all the Fire Emblem titles since the first game) was told by Nintendo if the game didn’t sell 250,000 copies, it was going to be over.

The team began worrying and started to brainstorm different ideas that included changing the games setting in the real world and other new ideas. These ideas were scrapped because they felt fans of the series would not appreciate such a big change to a long standing game. They still had to attract new fans, so in the end they decided to go in a familiar route by adding popular components from previous games such as marriage, having children, the new mode “Casual” (which allowed defeated teammates to stay alive), and other things including adding characters from previous series thank to the use of DLC.

In the end everything paid off for Nintendo and Intelligent Systems as Fire Emblem Awakening sold 450,000 copies in Japan and 240,000 copies in North America. Thanks to longtime fans of the series and new players, the Fire Emblem series can continue.

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