Fox gives Marvel the finger by including Quicksilver, Marvel should reply by including X-Men characters in Agents of SHIELD

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Joss Whedon confirmed that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were going to be in the Avengers 2. A week later, Bryan Singer posted on Twitter that Quicksilver will be in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Fans were either excited or worried about the news. The excited fans hoped that this would lead to Marvel and Fox teaming up and possibly doing an Avengers and X-Men crossover. Well, that dream is now dead…just like Professor X. Too soon?

According to Hitfix, a source has told them that Fox and Marvel have their own plans with the Quicksilver character, and that they won’t be doing any crossovers.

This is not a situation where the two different companies are working together to try and create a sense of a larger shared world. In fact, if either of them could get the other to back off, they would. The thing is, Bryan Singer has designed a sequence that he feels only works with Quicksilver, and Joss Whedon feels that there is a pressing reason for Quicksilver to show up in “The Avengers 2,” and so what we’re going to see is a legally-negotiated stand-off in which we’ll get two totally different versions of one character. While they may act like things are amicable in public, HitFix sources say otherwise.

Oh wow. I feel like this is a big middle finger from Fox to Marvel. Since both studios are allowed to use the rights to Quicksilver, there were limits to how they can use them. Marvel can’t mention that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are mutants, or that they are Magneto’s children. Fox can’t mention that they are part of the Avengers. It looks like Marvel got the shitty end of the stick.

Marvel and Fox’s relationship have been rocky. Marvel wanted to get the rights to use Galactus and Silver Surfer for an upcoming Marvel movie, but Fox wouldn’t budge. Yeah, I’d be really pissed if I was Marvel.

Fans of Marvel have been wanting to have the Spider-Man, Fantastic Four and X-Men rights to go back to Marvel and Disney. Now that Fox has included Quicksilver after Marvel was already announced Quicksilver, perhaps Marvel should do as they please now. I’m not sure who owns the rights to use X-Men and Fantastic Four characters on television, since TV rights have a lot of loopholes regarding animated/live-action shows, but if Marvel can produce a live-action X-Men show, I’m totally down for that. If they have the rights to use X-Men characters in the upcoming Agents of SHIELD TV show, they should totally go for it. Yeah, it will cause confusion. If Marvel can do this and have a lot of fans behind them, this might get Fox mad and result in them giving up the rights due to the backlash. Then again, that is if Marvel can use the characters in the live-action TV format in the first place.

X-Men: Days of Future Past will be released on July 18th, 2014. The Avengers 2 will be out on May 1st, 2015.

Source: Hitfix

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