Microsoft’s Xbox One revealed with always online NOT being required, but used games will have fees

Microsoft has debuted the Xbox One today during the Xbox Reveal Presentation. We finally get to see how the console looks like, and it’s looking black and boxy. Some people may not be a fan of the new design, but I love consoles with flat surfaces (I like to put the case of the game I’m playing on top of the console I’m using). Other than that, I’m not particularly fond of the two shades of black on the new console.

xbox one

You can also see the new Xbox One controller and Kinect 2.0. The Xbox One controller is pretty much similar to the Xbox 360 controller.

Another important piece of information that was announced by Microsoft is that the Xbox One will not require you to be always online. Many gamers were furious about the rumor, but it has now been laid to rest. You will still need to connect online to play online multiplayer and view streaming videos, but if you’re playing a single-player campaign, you can do so.

UPDATE: Phil Harrison, corporate vice president of Microsoft, has also confirmed with Eurogamer that people playing your game using their profile will have to pay a fee.

As for playing used games, this might be an issue. The Xbox One games, according to Wired, will be installed into the HDD and will be tied to your Xbox Live account. This is to prevent the game from being installed into other HDD and being played freely.

But what if your friends want to play your games? If they are using your profile, then it’s okay, but if they’re using their own profile, they’ll have to pay a fee and install the game from the disc. The question is, how much is the fee and how many accounts can be tied to that game?

Via Polygon

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