The Wolverine gets a new trailer and some ink wash artworks

The Wolverine_silver samura

The Wolverine gets a new trailer and some new artworks featuring The Silver Samurai, Wolverine’s claws, Japan, and more sword-and-claw action.

It looks like James Mangold is going to make Viper a mutant, as we can see with her snake-like tongue (in the comic, she doesn’t have any superhuman powers). Also, the Silver Samurai is looking awesome and he’s freakin’ huge! (it looks to be a mech suit.)

The Wolverine_vipers tongue

Check out the ink wash artworks below.

The Wolverine inner01 The Wolverine inner02 The Wolverine inner03 The Wolverine inner04 The Wolverine inner05

The Wolverine slashes into theaters on July 26, 2013.

Source: The Wolverine

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