3A + Valve = Portal

Portal Prototype

3A the company that brought you Metal Gear REX and the upcoming Metal Gear RAY. They will also be bringing you Atlas and P-Body from the Portal franchise. Those lovable robots are getting made into figure, which will be available for pre-order this Friday.

Though I have not played any of the Portal game, I do love the characters that they have. And when I saw the prototype of these figures last year I was iffy about getting them. But now that the finished product has been posted, and I am actually excited about buying these.

3A is making these available in singles or pairs. For single ones are $190 each, and the pair will cost $340. The figures come equipped with their very own Portal gun which has a light up LED. They can also be removed from their frames which is a very cool feature.

Check out the pictures below and check out the YouTube video posted on their electronic eye. Remember, these go on pre-order this Friday night between 5-6PM PST. You can get it here.

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