The Last of Us dev diary: Death and Choices

the last of us death and choices item creation

The Last of Us got pushed back a bit to better complete the experience, but we do have a brand new developer diary for all of you would-be survivors out there.

We know that the game is set in a post-apocalyptic-like setting in which every person sits in the precarious position of surviving zombie-like creatures and potentially cannibals on a daily basis. To increase the intensity of the situation for gamers–the threat of being eaten alive just isn’t what it used to be–each area will not only have to be scoured thoroughly for precious resources, but those resources will have to be combined on the fly (without pausing) to create specific items. Some of the items will have elements that cross over, so players will be tasked to choose what items they want to make for the various life-and-death circumstances that are sure to occur.

Check out the developer diary, “Death and Choices”, for The Last of Us and let us know if it looks like a world you’d like to survive in.

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