Dominoes making smell-o-vision available in Brazil. What!?

dominos-pizza-dvd-2 (1)

I’ve heard of advertising gimmicks, but this is getting ridiculous!

So according to Business Insider, Dominoes in Brazil is syncing up with 10 rental stores to distribute DVDs that are using a special kind of thermal ink that when hit by the warmth of the laser, turns the top of the discs image into a pizza with a message saying that the next movie will be better with a hot pizza from Dominoes.

I had a "Back to the Future" joke here somewhere here too...

I had a “Back to the Future” joke somewhere here too…

Something tells me that if this goes well over in Brazil, a lot of DVD chains like Netflix and Redbox are going to start this trend as well. Expect a lot of people sniffing those red envelopes and plastic cases soon if that happens.

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