Want to find Trekkie love? Now you can!


Love Star Trek? Want to find your Captain Kirk? Your Borg Queen? Need a date to watch Star Trek Into Darkness… again (cuz we all know you’ve seen it already)? Need a date to Khan-vention? Now you can!

There are four Star Trek dating sites to choose from (or you can join all) – Trekkiedating.com, StarTrekDating.com, StarTrekDating.co.uk (UK residents only) and TrekPassions.com – that offers a chance for you to date a fellow Star Trek fan (Trekkie/Trekker). All the websites are free to join.

TrekkieDating welcomes users, “Welcome to a dating community that is light years ahead of others. Find like-minded friends, romance, & convention dates with other Trekkies TODAY!”

StarTrekDating offers users a chance to meet their Captain Kirk or Borg Queen. They allow you to join clans as well.

StarTrekDatingUK was created in June 2012 for UK residents only. They receive about two million views a day. StarTrekDating.com was originally for UK residents but then opened up to other countries resulting in this website to be created.

TrekPassions is open to all sci-fi fans – including Star Wars fans. There are different groups you can join on the site. One group is called Pon Farr (an affliction where Vulcans have to mate with someone or else they die every seven years). Oooh.

Be aware, there is spam on all of these sites and potential adult spam profiles and ads. So make sure you look carefully at their profile before communicating with anyone. If you want to be sure you are communicating with a Trekkie, you can write to them in Klingon. Thanks to Bing translator. you can.

These websites have no affiliation with the Star Trek franchise/Paramount Pictures and CBS Products.

You could potentially find your other half of your Imzadi.

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