Bing celebrates the release of Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Bing

When you go on, enter “Beam Me Up” and you will be “beamed” onto a interactive page that features the Enterprise, Earth and another planet to click on. Each page links to another page with information regarding Star Trek.

When you click on the Enterprise – which flies away if you don’t click on time (but it returns) – it leads you on the ship filled with information on tribbles, medical and Starfleet technology.

When you click on Earth, it provides links to information on Kirk’s birthplace, cast information, red shirts and Star Trek conferences.

When you click on the unknown planet, it leads you to a photo of the Enterprise and provides information on Captain Kirk and Star Trek itself.

Bing has also included a Klingon translator on their translation page. Now you can speak and translate Klingon! Even a website can be translated in Klingon!

Star Trek Bing Translator

Here is my Star Trek Into Darkness review in Klingon!

Star Trek Bing Translator2

This is going to be fun. Have fun with Bing!

Source: Bing

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