Chatting with YouTuber David So on VEVO’s The Comment Show and his videos


David So is a YouTube comedian who is probably best known for his popular vlog where he replies to the Asians in the Library rant from former UCLA student Alexandra Wallace. He is the host of the new web comedy show from VEVO called The Comment Show. The premise for the show is pretty much poking fun of comments from popular music videos.

John “Spartan” Nguyen (Nerd Reactor): So I recently saw episode four of The Comment Show. Dildos. Flying dildos, dildos everywhere.

David So: Oh, yeah. You know, when it was written in the script, we were like, okay, let’s try to make the video, let’s add a dildo. I didn’t exactly expect it to be flesh colored. It’s like, “Oh, OK.” We try to be as edgy and funny as possible with the show.

Nerd Reactor: Yeah, the show is definitely pretty edgy. You have to be, especially when dealing with YouTube comments.

David So: Yeah, there are a lot of stupid things out there.

Nerd Reactor: How did the idea for the show come about?

David So: Well, Vevo approached me about it because I had been on their radar. They were looking for someone who has a big personality for their show. It was a concept that they brought up to me, and I ran with it. Essentially, it’s just something exciting and interactive for people to watch. YouTube is a playground for a lot of stupid people. The amount of stupid things that people say is unreal, so we just use that and exploit it, make fun of it. People do it anyway.

Nerd Reactor: How do you choose which of the comments to talk about?

David So: We just filter through it. We do have a writing team that goes through them. For me, it’s just a matter of seeing which comment we could really take to the full extent of our creativity. You know what I mean? The amount of comments we have to sift through is really high.

Nerd Reactor: Oh yeah.

David So: The things that people say is unreal. It’s funny too, because they put in these comments, and you start to realize, it’s either a young kid, and if it’s not, it’s a stupid adult. So we’re trying to figure out which one can we take advantage of, or not? That’s essentially how we roll with it.

Nerd Reactor: Can you guys usually tell if it’s a kid or an adult?

David So: It’s funny because usually if it’s a young kid, they’re just doing it for attention. They just want to say something stupid. If they’re young, you expect something stupid to come out of their mouth. But if it’s an adult, it’s a little harder when you’re trying to figure out why this person is so stupid. It’s tough.

Nerd Reactor: Do you have any way to get back at those people who try to talk crap on your comments? Actually having a comment about the comment for the Comment Show?

David So: Yeah, we actually have a section where it’s kind of a call to action. We are laughed at because we use the Comment Baseball thing, where people leave comments about our show. That’s the big interactive part of The Comment Show, too. It’s also very interactive. They do leave comments, then we might do a callback on that, then go ahead and comment on this. It’s super interactive.

Nerd Reactor: So what do you have planned for the future of The Comment Show?

David So: Oh, a lot more writing in terms of shortened skit. I definitely like the acting and writing side too. So what I’m going to do is focus on a lot more high quality content, so rather than just vlogs, I was thinking about doing more shorts and stuff like that.

Nerd Reactor: YouTube has really helped your career take off. The first time I saw you was your reply to the “Asians in the Library rant”, and I thought that was hilarious.

David So: Oh, thanks. YouTube has been a major platform for me to get my comedy out to everyone, and I’ve been into comedy since I was in my mid-teens. When I was doing stand up comedy, nothing was really popping out because I was working two part-time jobs, I was a full-time student, and going to comedy clubs was a lot more difficult. I live in Sacramento, California, and the major comedy clubs I wanted to go to were in the Bay Area, so that was a two-hour drive I had to do a few times a week. After I started to give up the stand up comedy route, I started to do all my comedy on YouTube.

NerdReactor: So are you based here in LA?

David So: Yeah, I moved here about a couple years ago.

Nerd Reactor: And is there a difference between performing for the LA crowd and for San Francisco?

David So: I think it’s about the same. To be honest with you, I think the LA crowd is a little bit more forgiving. In terms of stand up comedy, I’ve always done a couple shows out here in LA. Once I started making YouTube my main focus, I basically deviated from being a stand up comedian to more of an online entertainer/writer.

Nerd Reactor: Do you have other projects you’re working on?

David So: That’s really about it. There’s the YouTube page, The Comment Show, a lot of writing. On my channels there are various things. It’s not just long – I do a lot of short skits and video parodies. It’s kind of hard to open a second channel.

Nerd Reactor: One of your most viewed videos is the Gangnam parody. I was wondering if you were going to have anything for Gentleman?

David So: I was thinking about it. YouTube parodies are something that I enjoy doing, but to be honest with you, if I don’t like the song, I can’t do it. The Gentleman song, I thought it was “okay”. It didn’t really pop out for me. I couldn’t really think of anything for it. I’m just going to leave it at that.

Nerd Reactor: The video is pretty much a parody of itself.

David So: Yeah, it’s pretty funny. I was cracking up at the video. I don’t know how I’d really parody that part.

Nerd Reactor: Out of all your videos, do you remember certain videos that just stood out for you? Like “Wow, that was a pretty good video that I did. I like it.”

David So: The Gangnam one was probably my favorite just because of the work and the effort that went into it. I had a great team that worked with me. That probably was the most effort that I had put into my work so far. It was a 3-day shoot with no sleep. I think I slept – two hours after shooting – three days straight. We had to finish it really fast, since it was time sensitive, so that was probably my more successful, most favorite project.

Nerd Reactor: Today, I watched the video where you were just going off on the Ugly Girls video. That was pretty funny. You were ragging on her looks and everything. Do you ever feel like you’re doing the same thing, like what she was doing?

David So: A lot of people don’t realize, I think, what comedy does. For me, I’m trying to get a message across with a lot of these things. If you get a laugh out of it, then there’s always a serious message at the end, whenever I do these kinds of videos. It’s kind of like a lesson itself. I’m doing what they’re doing to generate a “See how it feels?” kind of response. It doesn’t feel that great, does it? Then I use that comedy edge to bring out that serious message, because a lot of people, they don’t want to see a serious message where it’s just some little Asian guy talking about “This is what you should do in life.” You have to make it entertaining for them. After the entertaining part is where you add the serious part, and that gets my point across. When I was back in Sacramento, I did a lot of stuff with videos, and comedy was my way to reach out to kids, and that’s what I do with my videos too.

NerdReactor: Entertain the people, then give them a message.

David So: Oh yeah, definitely. There’s always a good amount of my videos where I do want to put out a message. I don’t want to just put out garbage. I didn’t realize kids watched my stuff, I didn’t think they would really relate to it at all. But if they are going to watch it, I might as well go ahead and teach them something.

Nerd Reactor: Oh, yeah. Especially with YouTube being how it is. Do you ever worry about going too far with your content? Too raunchy, or too much language?

David So: The worst thing about my content is probably my language. It’s how I talk, and it’s really hard to dumb it down because it’s how I talk on a regular basis. I do try to cut out the cursing, but it’s kind of hard. If they don’t want to watch it, they don’t have to watch it. If their parents aren’t stopping them from watching it, that’s their own fault.

Nerd Reactor: That’s true. I noticed that you put footage of your parents around. Do they watch your videos too?

David So: Oh yeah. My dad is half my views. He’s one of my biggest supporters out there. He’s overly supportive. He’s always tossing me ideas and tells me what to do with my channel. Anyway, it’s better than not being supportive at all.

Nerd Reactor: Oh yeah. That’s a good relationship you have. You can just talk up a storm and curse and all that, and they’ll be fine.

David So: Yeah, but it’s funny because my dad is a pastor. When I first started doing stand up comedy, he wasn’t very happy about it. But I think when I started putting a strong effort towards it and that I had a goal in mind, he’s kind of happy. Him being supportive is possibly one of the better things about what I’m doing right now.

Nerd Reactor: One of the other videos I saw recently was the “Women Deserve Rape” video.

David So: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

Nerd Reactor: I was reading the title and thought, “I don’t know if he means that, or if it’s a quote from someone else.”

David So: The title was based on a sign that this guy had. The sign that he was picketing with literally said, “Women deserve rape.” So that’s why I picked that and put it on as the title. I could have put “Women at Arizona State University deserve rape”, but that is way too long a title, so I cut it down.

Nerd Reactor: Is it easy for you to find these types of stories for your videos?

David So: Yeah. A lot of people thought this was a topic that needed to be talked about. People usually bring up the current events thing. I try to seem as plausible as possible, but the Women Deserve Rape one was a really hot topic. There was something that a fan actually sent me on Twitter. I decided to go ahead and do it. It just stuck a chord with me, so I wanted to do it.

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