SW-G5.1 3500 Surround Sound Speaker System

Genius_G51_3500_all_01It’s been a long time since I’ve bought a sound system. My last sound system was a Logitech one that I bought more than five years ago. It was a basic sound system that gave some great sounds at the time for the $70 I spent. However, after having upgraded to an HDTV, I found that I needed something with a little more power. High quality surround sound systems were a tad expensive, so I found myself spending more money on surround sound wireless headphones to enjoy my movies, music and gaming. Enter The Genius SW-G5.1 3500 Surround Sound Speaker System.


Users can adjust volume and bass from the control panel on the subwoofer, the remote control, or from the included mini remote. Each speaker is already equipped to be hooked onto walls or placed where you please. Each speaker is outfitted with about 3 feet of wire meaning you won’t be able to stretch them out to far distances, but you can still set them up with some distance to get some great sound. The control options also include a standby and an AUX/5.1 CH switch function, which enables users to flip between gaming and listening to music with the push of a button, giving you full control.

On the front of the Subwoofer are two jacks. First, a 3.5mm jack is there for you to plug in your headphones as an alternate option. There is also an auxiliary jack that allows you to plug in your phone or mp3 device to play music on your sound system.


  • Total output power 80 watts (RMS)
  • 6.5-inch driver delivers heart-thumping bass
  • Standby mode selection
  • Remote control for adjusting volume and bass
  • Headphone jack for private listening
  • Colorful LED indicator
  • 2.0/2.1ch or 5.1ch input selection
  • Hook design to mount surround speakers on wall
  • Dual input for PC 5.1ch sound card, PC, MP3/CD player or TV audio devices

Genius-640x409Final Reaction

The SW-G5.1 3500 is an amazing sound system to hook up to your TV or PC, leveling up your audio experience with powerful bass. The system has 5 satellite speakers that can be placed according to your needs. Gain an advantage in online multiplayer gaming by being able to hear the direction of your enemies’ footsteps clearly, enjoy the roar of the engine or music in racing games, or just sit back and play your favorite music for you and your friends to hear when you’re not watching some great movies on Blu-ray or Netflix.

While switching the speakers back and forth between my PC and TV was a bit tedious, since it only supports one input, I was enamored enough with the sound that it was worth it. Sure, I could have just left it on one of the two, but where’s the fun in that? My roommates love playing Black Ops II when the sound system is hooked up, but hate it when I am playing it at night since at full blast the whole house can hear it.

At $149.99 it’s a pretty good investment since it can be used for multiple audio options, and it has amazing sound quality.

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