The final battle of Gandalf vs. Dumbledore


Since the dawn of nerds, there have been epic feuds between fan favorites on who would win in such a battle, especially between Hogwarts own Dumbledore and the wizard Gandalf of Middle-earth. Gandalf is the wizard of all wizards in Middle-earth, and Dumbledore is the wizard who acted as a guide and mentor to Harry Potter. For years this was kept more between friends, but with the dawn of the internet more and more people threw in their two cents.  This is how Nerd Reactor imagines a fight would go between the two:

Gandalf the Grey being both a skilled fighter and tactician, besides just being a wizard, sends his first strike, a gust of wind using only his wooden staff (or walking stick) utilizing his magical kinesis also known as his wizard blast to send a big shock wave towards Dumbledore. Dumbledore cast his spell Protego which is the shield charm protecting him from most of Gandalf’s power and normally would create a curse or hex against his opponent, but with both wizards being skilled in the art of wizardry and counter spells as well as both having strong and sound minds, no spells of the mind can affect one another.

Dumbledore: -5 hit points

Dumbledore starts getting angry knowing if he loses, it’ll be another constant reminder of the loss of his sister, becomes a slave to his emotions over his failings which is his known weakness, and for the first time calls in Voldemort for a powerful assist of conjuring up wandless fire storms, knocking Gandalf back as he conjures up his magical Shield of Istari, which he once used to protect himself from a spell cast by Saruman himself.

Gandalf: -10 hit points.

Gandalf lifts his ancient Elven sword Glamdring, summoning his lightning attack and sending it directly at both Voldemort and Dumbledore. Voldemort took the most damage and leaves the battle since it was not his fight and Gandalf’s powers are more attracted to evil doers.

Dumbledore: -5 hit points, Voldemort sits out to recharge.

Gandalf thinks about summoning Sauron himself or maybe even the witch king but knows the might of evil is too powerful and might cause the great war of the ring to restart. Meanwhile Dumbledore prepares his attack using Voldermort’s giant serpent made of fire to attack Gandalf. Gandalf smiles slightly thinking “This seems familiar” as he whispers into a moth’s ear.  He then uses his magical kinesis and lightning attack to fend off the serpent, just as he did to Balrog so long before as well as his shield of the Istari. Just as he feels this fight is wearing him down, Gwaihir the Lord of the eagles arrives using the same tactic that he has before against fire as his fellow eagles flap their wings putting out the fire and then doing as eagles do, and carrying off the serpent for a magical meal.

Gandalf: -10 points but the fire serpent was taken out by the Eagles.

Dumbledore rethinks his strategy as he yells “EXPELLIARMUS!” disarming Gandalf the Grey from his wooden staff. Dumbledore smiles as he says “You have no power here, Gandalf the Grey.” It is then that Gandalf realizes Dumbledore has been compromised by Sauron, which is how he was able to summon Evil himself. Gandalf removes his grey cloak and goes Super Saiyan as he appears as Gandalf the White, bearing his new and more powerful staff.

No Damage to either party.

Dumbledore summons Voldemort, Severus Snape, Bellatrix Lestrange, Antonin Dolohov and other Death Eaters and Dark wizards. Gandalf summons his fellowship of the ring, Thorin and his band of dwarves, as well as powerful Elves including Galadriel, Celeborn, Arwin, and Elrond. Dumbledore then calls in his entire army of good wizards and students including Harry Potter himself. The battle begins and both sides take fatalities, as Harry realizes Dumbledore has in fact been compromised, he joins Gandalf’s side to fight the evil. In the end the most unexpected thing happens. PIGS, YOU’RE ALL PIGS! One of Gandalfs allies also known as Willow Ufgood uses a powerful spell he learned from the evil Bavmorda to turn the entire battlefield into pigs. Only Gandalf and Dumbledore remain standing as Willow Ufgood stands back and watches the fight.


Gandalf, sick of the battle and of the evil forces, uses his blinding light to prevent Dumbledore from expecting his final attack of the destructive blast which renders Dumbledore in a weakened state. Gandalf uses a releasing spell to remove the evil that is held over Dumbledore. In Dumbledore’s weakened state, Gandalf delivers a final blow by striking him in the head with his staff. He looks over at Willow who reverses his spell bringing all of the fighters back to normal. Harry, realizing what has happened, tells his allies to stop fighting the people of Middle-earth and to instead join them on their battle against Voldemort’s forces, bringing them down and killing them quickly. This was something the people of Middle-earth were more than willing to do.

Dumbledore: -480 hit points.

Harry conjures up his spell Accio to use a shield to carry off Dumbedore’s beaten body. Harry doesn’t say a word to Gandalf as he looks him in the eyes and leaves. Elrond asks him “What was that about?” Gandalf smiles again and tells him “He just dared to intimidate me, but again he forgets his place in the order, he will probably go cry to his parents now, oh wait” and lights his pipe. Elrond says “I believe that is what some may call a burn.”

Gandalf: -20 hit points

Dumbledore: -490 hit points.

Winner: GANDALF 


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