HULK SMA-..err okay so Hulk didn’t actually say that, but Mark Ruffalo sure did. During these past couple of weeks, there have been rumors about Robert Downey Jr. butting heads with Marvel and Disney, attempting to find some common ground on what they think should be “adequate payment” for future Marvel installments involving Mr. Downey and the future cast.

Moviefone recently caught up with Mark Ruffalo at his upcoming movie entitled Now You See Me, and asked him if he was coming back for Avengers 2. He stated: “I assume so. I haven’t been let go yet. ..I’m signed for — oh my gosh — six movies altogether. Five now [after The Avengers].”

Personally, I think that’s incredible (no pun intended). 5 more movies starring Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk? Could this mean that there is a standalone Hulk movie coming to us in the future? Despite Marvel stating that there is nothing planned at the moment for our green skinned hero, I think they may have something up their sleeves.


In addition to this statement about the Marvel negotiations and if people should panic, Ruffalo said: “I don’t even think anyone’s really started negotiating yet. No. Maybe people should panic, but I don’t see a reason to panic.”

So there you have it. Everybody just sit down, relax, and drink a cold beverage, because when the “angry man” says there’s no reason to panic, then we shouldn’t panic, right? Let’s just all hope that Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson,  and Jeremy Renner return to the big screen again as a team this coming 2015. If not, then Hulk WILL SMASH…or maybe that might be me doing the smashing.  ¬_¬

Source: Moviefone/Cinemablend

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