Conan O’Brien ‘spoils’ Star Trek Into Darkness


Conan O’Brien came under fire recently by for possibly giving up a major spoiler for the new Star Trek film. There was a sketch that Conan ran and in the end credits, states that Benedict Cumberbatch was a particular character. Conan states himself that everything was just a joke and he wasn’t being serious at all. Because of it, Conan decided to continue the joke to another level. Check out the video below for spoilers!

So what did we learn about the new Star Trek film? According to Conan’s spoilers, the Enterprise crashes on Tatooine and they kill everyone there. Also, Kirk is gay, yet he still manages to get with Leia, and Spock dies. Now that I know what happens, I don’t think I have to watch the movie anymore. I can just wait for the Blu-ray! If you haven’t seen the original sketch, check it out below.

Star Trek Into Darkness hits theaters on May 16th.

Source: Team Coco

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