EXP: The video game themed restaurant


Chalk this one up on my list of Places-to-visit-before-I-die. There’s a Canadian bar called EXP Restaurant¬†+ Bar. The video game restaurant and bar has many different foods and drinks named after various and famous titles. Visitors can order a Master Chief Burger with some Super Smash Nachos and wash it all down with a Red Dead Lemonade.

Maybe you’re looking for more than just casual food and drink? Maybe you need that extra shot of XP? You know what I mean? The EXP restaurant and bar has a full list of mixed drinks that is sure to entice any fan. From 1-UP shooters to Haodoken martinis, EXP has no shortage of interesting drinks to choose from. Now I just need to figure out how the hell to get over there.

Still, it seems like a pretty cool spot and makes me jealous we don’t have similar styled restaurants here in Los Angeles. ::sad face::¬†If you happen to live in the Vancouver, Canada area or just feel like seeing what is available at EXP, you can check out the full menu below.



Source: Geekologie

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