Doctor Who finale LEAKED in the US

Doctor Who In the Name of the Doctor

Next week’s season finale of Doctor Who The Name of the Doctor has been leaked!

The episode is featured on the Series 7 Part 2 Blu-ray release. which was accidentally sent early to fans in the US this past weekend.

BBC Brand Manager for Doctor Who, Edward Russell, tweeted to his followers regarding the incident.

Doctor Who spoiler

The Official Doctor Who Twitter page released a statement regarding the accidental release.

Doctor Who spoiler 3

BBC has urged websites and bloggers to not post any spoilers for next week’s season finale. Steven Moffat has offered exclusive footage if there are no leaks regarding the finale’s secret… which will be kinda of hard because there are trolls out there.

Doctor Who spoiler 2Of course, there were some Doctor Who fans who posted spoilers everywhere – including the Doctor Who Wikipedia page (which has been removed). So hopefully, Moffat will see the fans who aren’t spoiling it and give us the special video. We’ll have to see.

The Name of the Doctor airs next Saturday, May 18th, on BBC America/One.
Below is the Trailer for The Name of the Doctor.

Below is the prequel: She said, He said

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