Want a smartphone for 99 cents? How about the Facebook phone?

facebook phone now on sale for 99 cents!

Image is not of the actual HTC First

It has been about a month since the release of the HTC First phone, which houses the supposedly innovative Facebook Home, and already AT&T has slashed its prices.

The ‘Facebook Phone’ (as its been dubbed) was originally priced at $99.99 with a two-year contract with AT&T, but now the price has dropped down to a mere 99 cents. According to Macklemore, that’s the same price as his leopard mink that smells like R.Kelly’s bedsheets from the thrift shop.

While price cuts and promotions like this happens all the time, you have to admit that this doesn’t smell nice for the future of the Facebook-gone-mobile strategy. But, who knows, maybe setting this phone at such an attractive price may give the exposure the HTC First needs.

So, hey — here goes a Mothers’ Day gift idea — a phone that will help Mom keep tabs of your every move on Facebook.

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