Judge Dredd fan film, Judge Minty, is all kinds of awesome

judge minty dress fan film

Now here’s a fan film with high production values with some pretty nifty special effects and action sequences. Clocking in at 27 minutes, this Judge Dredd fan film follows Judge William Minty, a minor character from the Judge Dredd comics. Now his role is bigger, and he’s out for justice. Judge Minty has been patrolling the streets of Mega-City One throughout the majority of his life. Now getting older, his hesitation to end a life almost ended his. Now he’s got two choices, either teach at the Academy or leave the city and venture into Cursed Earth. Let’s just say it would be an even shorter short film if he chose the academy.

The project started in 2008 and the teaser was released in 2010.

Via ToysREvil (Thanks to Tommy Lam Cao for sharing this with us.)

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