Jenga Boom… the most intense game you will ever play

Jenga Boom 2

I am a gamer… A BOARD gamer.

I own a wide variety of games and yes, I host a bimonthly game night with my friends. That’s how much of a gamer I am.  With my busy schedule, I still find time to game.

I was given Jenga Boom to review even though I own regular Jenga already. It’s already a nerve-wracking game, but you’re given all the time in the world to move.

For Jenga Boom, not so much.

This game is time sensitive because it’s stacked on an “explosive bomb” (just a cool term for pop-up stand). Basically, you pull the “flame” cord and prop up the stand to put the Jenga pieces on. You press the “play” button to begin the timer, take out your piece to place it on top, and then press “Stop”. The next person presses “Play” and does the same thing. The last person to stack it on top before the “explosion” (when the cord reaches the dynamite and pops up causing the blocks to fall) WINS!

Jenga Boom

My cousin and I played this and let me tell you, it’s nerve-wracking. My cousin and I were sweating bullets trying to be quick with our moves because we knew there was a timer to cause ALL the blocks to fall.

The pressure is on!!!

You would think there would be a lot of time to really play, but I’m estimating that you have about less than two minutes for an entire game. The whole time you’re anticipating the tower to fall and that just causes so much stress. You not only have to worry about your own moves causing the blocks to fall, but now a timer! Whatttt?

I do not recommend this to someone with anxiety disorder or a heart condition because no matter how many times you play (and we played a lot) – the anticipation and popping of the blocks always got to us.

Jenga Boom 3

Overall, the game was really fun. We had a blast playing this game. It got our heart rates up and our blood pumping but it’s a good thing. That’s the whole point of Jenga Boom – to cause more anticipation. I think it’d be a fun addition to Game Night but maybe not for a large group because the time is so short. I don’t think everyone would be able to participate if it’s a large group. I estimate the most that might play should be three or four people.

Because the game is quick to finish, I am now using this game to make decisions between my husband and I. If we both are arguing about something, we just bust out Jenga Boom and winner gets to pick what we get to do or eat. Jenga BOOM!

Jenga BOOM 4

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