Braven BRV-1 review: Water resistant, loud and powerful

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Last year we played around with the Braven 600, a wireless portable speaker compatible with bluetooth devices. It was sleek, sexy and especially loud for its small size, which made it fun when we took it with us to Comic-Con. The Braven 600 was awesome because not only did everyone look around to see where the music was coming from, but it also doubled as a phone charger simultaneously. It definitely  led us to giving it a great score.

IMG_9593The BRV-1 was first shown at CES and was displayed in a way that really captures your attention (shown above), it looked cool and showed to be water resistant, but most importantly, how does it stand up when it comes to the most important features that people want?


The BRV-1 isn’t sleek and sexy like the Braven 600 or its new bigger brother, the 800. Instead the BRV-1 is more rugged, as it has rubber controls and a harder shell plastic made to absorb some damage. On the back of the speaker is a sealed twistable cap which houses the USB output (where you can recharge), an audio input, battery life indicator and more.


Plenty of thought went into making sure everything is safe and secure for just about anywhere you can go. The small size and light weight make it easy to hide or carry around.


The BRV-1 packs a lot into its small frame which include being shock absorbent, water resistant, and weather resistant. These are all nice to have, but the sound quality is enhanced with a 70mm subwoofer, making sure you can blast music anywhere. The BRV-1 also has the built-in noise canceling microphone,allowing you to make phone calls with a much louder and powerful speaker.

Doubling as portable USB charger makes it great, since you can still play music or chat on your phone while charging your compatible device without the need for anything else.


It boasts around 12 hours of battery life which seemed to fluctuate for me. It could go for 10 hours to 13 hours of constant music, and around 8-9 hours when I needed to charge my phone once. While the bass isn’t top of the line, you get some impressive sound at a pool party or BBQ, where everyone can hear and enjoy the music.


While the key selling point of the BRV-1 is the fact that it is water resistant and is great in different climates, the larger and bulkier BRV-1 is shock absorbent. It’s covered with a strong plastic coating along with rubber pieces making it more durable than 80% of the portable speakers on the market. So on any outing this is something you can carry around with confidence.

Final Reaction

The BRV-1 retails for $179.99, and while it isn’t the cheapest bluetooth speaker available, it is more than worth it anywhere you go. It being durable and water and temperature resistant are great reasons to get this over other similar products, since it will last a lot longer while taking some abuse. With amazing sound, great battery life and compatibility with just about anything with bluetooth, it’s definitely a speaker that we recommend.

Grade B+

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