Nova in Guardians of the Galaxy?

Nova It’s the Green Lantern!! No…no…wait, that movie was garbage. What I meant to say was, it’s NOVA! Before you go knocking me on that Green Lantern comment, yes, I know that Nova and the Nova Corps is Marvel’s version of the Green Lantern Corps. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s move on. According to ScreenRant and their sources, they stated that:

“An unproven new source of Harry Knowles claims to have a friend on the Guardians of the Galaxy production team and that said friend namedropped Nova, supposedly confirming the Nova Corps involvement in the film.”

Now we all know that these are just rumors and should just be taken with a grain of salt, but if Nova were to be in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, this would definitely help with the “human element” for audiences to be able to relate to Marvel’s cosmic opera (this also includes Star Lord, who is half human).

One of the key contributing factors that led to the Nova rumors was the picture released by Marvel which shows “star” shaped objects in the background. If you didn’t know, these “stars” are the symbol for the Nova Corps and perhaps are their starships….no pun intended…or maybe it was. Anyways, what do you guys think?

Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-Concept-Art-570x248 (1)

Guardians of the Galaxy releases next August 2014.

Source: ScreenRant

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