Cosplayer Chronicles Ep 8: Andrew Comstock and his Robot Rock cosplay


Check out the latest episode of Cosplayer Chronicles featuring Andrew Comstock. It’s another inspiring video from Distractotron TV, which comprises of members from the Beat Down Boogie crew (you know, the Modern War Gear Solid and Mario Warfare guys). As for Andrew Comstock, one of his prized cosplay outfits is Robot Rock. The outfit is inspired by Volpin Props and Daft Punk and made a big splash on Beat Down Boogie’s Dragon*Con 2012 video.

Also, if you check out 2:54 mark, you’ll notice a certain awesome mascot from a certain awesome website. ::cough:: Nerd Reactor ::cough::

Filmed and edited by Blake Faucette

Produced by Justin Reich, Matthew Sumner and Blake Faucette

Photo Shoot by Justin Reic

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