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Superman: Unbound is DC’s latest full length animated feature release where Superman and Supergirl take on Brainiac to save the Earth. Superman is voiced by Matt Bomer who is known for playing Neal Caffrey on television’s White Collar, although I will forever remember his as Bryce Larkin from Chuck. I am a pretty big fan of both Marvel and DC animated movies because they allow stories that could never be told in live action (budget restrictions). Alas the animation world comes to save the day.

DC Entertainment might actually hold my favorite animated release titles for carrying such a large and fantastic world of movies. I have to say Batman: The Dark Knight Returns 1 & 2 were just simply marvelous, Justice League: Doom and Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths gave us an idea of what a full-length Justice League movie would look like, and lastly my favorite, Batman: Under the Red Hood, emotionally manipulated me to the likes of The Vow.

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Now to the matter at hand. Superman: Unbound had a very different animation structure in comparison to the other Superman animated movie. With that and a new voice actor playing Supes (as the Flash calls him), I was pretty impressed. I did find that Supergirl’s voice actor Molly C. Quinn was a little stale at first, which surprised me since I consider her to be a pretty talented actress, but as the film progressed she seemed to dive more into it.

Brainiac is a supervillain that both the Justice League and Superman have faced many times over throughout the history of the comics, TV shows, and animated movies. It was really nice to watch them stick to the original story where Brainiac bottles up cities and keeps them as souvenirs, as well as to the extent that his rampage went, killing both alien life forms and planets.


What really surprised me about this movie was the modern and seriousness of social issues that existed. Lois Lane, voiced by Stana Katic, argued with Superman about their relationships multiple times over the course of the movie. What I found really funny is when one of the coworkers, voiced by the comedic talents of Diedrick Bader, insinuated that Clark Kent (not Superman) is gay, since he never gives a straight answer when you ask him about having a girlfriend or him not being a sports guy but is in great shape. The last surprise was the reintroduction of Krypton, or at least the city Kandor, that Kara (Supergirl) is from.

The movie did provide a few surprises, like Supergirl possibly being a vegetarian and showing her teenage angst and frustrations, which reminded me a lot Smallville’s Clark Kent. It also showed Superman fail on more than one occasion and the death of multiple beings which made this more of a mature content movie than a kid-friendly one.

Overall I would say the movie is definitely worth the buy for any die-hard Superman fan, and even for everyone else, it is still worth the watch considering all the action, violence, and drama that ensues. It also includes an ending that surprised me and made me hope for a continuation in this series/universe of Superman: Unbound, or at least a mention of it in the highly anticipated Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. 

Grade: B

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