Spicy Horse seeking Alice cosplayers for promo video

Alice-Madness-ReturnsAmerican McGee’s studio Spicy Horse is looking for a special kind of cosplayer. And when they say special, they mean the best. As in the world’s best American McGee Alice cosplayer. These guys don’t exactly mince words, here.

The China based studio is seeking the “world’s best Alice cosplayer” in order to shoot a promo video for a planned Kickstarter campaign to help fund a new title in the American McGee Alice series, Alice: Otherlands. The title itself is still in the negotiations phase and hasn’t begun development yet.

The rules for entering this contest are easy: simply take a picture of yourself in your best Alice cosplay, and toss it over to the developers at [email protected] One lucky cosplayer will be chosen to be flown out to their studio in Shanghai, China to shoot the promo video for the Kickstarter campaign. Entrants will need to be the required age and have all the required credentials for traveling internationally, including passport and travel visa.

You can find more information about the search and requirements on the game’s Facebook page. Go ahead and toss them a Like while you’re over there. They’d probably appreciate it.

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