Plans for Star Trek 3 are in the works!

Star Trek Into Darkness

According to various sources, it looks like there may be a Star Trek 3 in the works.

Star Trek 3 Paramount spoke with Star Trek Into Darkness writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman and stated:

They [Paramount] are firm about having a movie out by the 50th anniversary [in 2016] and we are all trying to see if we can all make it work together.

Whaaaaa?!?! Exciting news!

When asked about the plans for the third film, Damon Lindelof (co-writer) suggested they were thinking of the plot, the villain and the story arc. Potentially, we could see more Klingons in the third movie.

When asked about Benedict Cumberbatch‘s return to the third film (if he survived), Lindelof answered:

To answer that question would be to determine whether or not he actually survives this movie, but if he survives this movie, I think that we would be incredibly stupid to not use him again.

The main question on everyone’s minds are, “Will JJ Abrams return as director?”

With Abrams hired on to tackle the new Star Wars movie for 2015, people have been wondering if he had abandoned the Star Trek franchise. There has been no official word whether or not there will be a Star Trek 3 (but most likely will be) and whether Abrams will remain as director. Although, Abrams did state that he will still produce the Trek films.

Lindelof did mention to

Star Trek 3 JJ Abrams

I guess it’s time to work on cloning technology.

Star Trek Into Darkness engages into select IMAX 3D theaters on May 15th, and nationwide on the 17th.

Source: BleedingCool

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