Disney drops LusasArts to team up with EA; DICE and Visceral to create Star Wars games

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When Disney bought out Lucasfilm, one of the things on their to do list was to abandon LucasArts. Gamers and Star Wars fans worldwide were disappointed, because they were afraid that there weren’t going to be any more Star Wars games in the foreseeable future. Star Wars 1313 was a highly anticipated game from LucasArts, and since the studio is gone, it seems that the game was going to be frozen in carbonite for a while.

So what’s the next step for Disney to get Star Wars back on the gaming action? Licensing. In a deal that will surely piss off a lot of gamers, Disney has decided to team up with EA via licensing. EA isn’t new to the world of Star Wars, since they published the MMO game, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

BioWare is known for developing awesome Star Wars games (Knights of the Old Republic), and now they’ll be joined by EA’s other top studios including DICE and Visceral. Now that is definitely interesting. DICE is known for developing Mirror’s Edge and the upcoming Battlefield 4. Visceral is known for the Dead Space franchise. The games will feature all new original stories and gameplay.

I hope that we won’t be getting another first-person action Star Wars games, since I prefer my Star Wars experience to be in third person.

There are still no signs of Star Wars 1313 getting a brought back to life.

Via Deadline

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