Castle’s Molly Quinn talks more about Supergirl in Superman: Unbound

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We previously showed some of Molly Quinn’s discussion about her role as Supergirl in the upcoming Superman: Unbound animated movie. Now Warner Bros. has released four more video clips of Molly talking about the similarities between her and Supergirl, personalities, feistiness, sense of right and being vulnerable. Check out the video interview clips below.

Superman: Unbound follows Superman as he tries to do the best he can as he teaches Supergirl the ropes, deals with crime, and also trying to be a good boyfriend to Lois Lane. He will have to put everything on hold when Brainiac enters Earth. If you don’t know who Braniac is, he’s an alien who likes to collect cities from different planets, and he has his eyes set on Metropolis.

Superman: Unbound will be out this week on May 7, 2013, via Blu-ray, DVD, On Demand and Digital Download.

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