Ender’s Game teaser of the full trailer out


This is based on Orson Scott Card’s novel of the same name and Ender’s Shadow. It has been many years since I read Ender’s Game but from what I recall it was a great book and series. This movie looks to make it as exciting as the books. For those that have no idea what Ender’s Game is all about, please read a small introduction below.

Ender’s Game is about humans who come to master interplanetary spaceflight and went to explore the solar system. Once they did that they met an alien race called Formics which they nicknamed “Buggers” because of their insect-like features. The Formics attacked the humans and that started a war between the two races. There were two drawn out wars in result of the conflict between Formics and humans. These in turn forced an alliance between three ruling parties (the Hegemon, the Polemarch, and the Strategos) of Earth to band together and fight the Formics. They created the International Fleet a.k.a. IF to combat the Formics. With the inevitable return of the Formics for the “Third Invasion”, the IF created the Battle School. The school’s program is designed to find the best and brightest tactical minds and train them to beat the Formics for good.

The very short teaser opens up with Harrison Ford (Colonel Graff) and Asa Butterfield (Asa Wiggins) telling us about the full trailer release this Tuesday. The official launch of the trailer will happen May 7, 2013.

If you want to check out the Google+ Hangout live event, you can visit YouTube.com/EndersGameMovie and Google.com/+EndersGame. You can submit questions that may be answered in the Hangout.

You can tune in to the live Google+ Hangout at YouTube.com/EndersGameMovie and Google.com/+EndersGame. Fans are invited to submit their questions for a chance to have them answered in the Hangout.

Join the event here.

Ender’s Game comes out October 1, 2013.

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